We warmly invite you to become a key partner alongside Kino Pavasaris, the most cherished film festival in Lithuania – you will have the opportunity to present top-quality content to audiences of over 100,000 viewers.

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    Just like us, our audience shares an indisputable passion for first-rate cinema. That is exactly why, each and every year, we attentively curate a compelling program full of intriguing and unique films, all whilst leveraging innovative and creative communication strategies. We extend our exquisite viewing experience with a variety of meaningful events which enable us to foster an enduring and special relationship with our audience – this also holds true for all of our existing and potential partners. Guided by shared values, we craft tailor-made partnership initiatives which assist in unleashing original marketing solutions in order to reach unconventional target audiences.


    There are approximately around 100,000 individuals whom attend the Vilnius International Film Festival each year – many of these individuals have been loyal attendees for numerous years. The festival itself is an extremely prestigious cultural event within Lithuania that provides all attendees with a unique opportunity to experience specific films not available elsewhere. Typically aged between 25 and 44, our audience comprises of an exciting blend of educated urbanites with interests spanning from culture, fashion, design, technology and science. These individuals tend to actively engage in a variety of leisure pursuits including sport, music, entertainment and savoring delectable cuisine.


    As Lithuania’s most distinguished cultural event, the festival attracts a widely diverse audience through a differing range of promotional and communication channels. Our partners have the opportunity to integrate their brand across all or selected campaign media based on their fundamental objectives and coveted requirements.


    We truly believe that each and every one of our partners is distinctively unique – this is why we endeavor to generate customized solutions that directly align with your specific goals.

      A partnership with Kino Pavasaris means abundantly more than just achieving further brand awareness. With continuous support from of our professional team, your business shall be able to access new audiences, offer further exclusive experiences and even reshape consumer perceptions of your brand. Most earnestly, partnering with Kino Pavasaris ensures both prolonged and sustained visibility for your brand.

      Collaborating alongside Kino Pavasaris not only provides you with a platform to increase brand awareness and directly communicate your values, but it also enables for greater quality and creativity to be implemented into your promotional content, thus allowing you to successfully achieve your marketing objectives effectively.

      Uniting with Kino Pavasaris will provide immense joy to your employees! Frequent exposure to fascinating films, a variety of captivating events and participation in what is a truly remarkable cultural event all help to foster positive emotions whilst creating a strong sense of purpose, thereby enhancing the overall productivity and levels of satisfaction within the workplace.

      We take enormous pride in witnessing just how many of our partners continually engage their customers in distinctive Kino Pavasaris activities, providing them with invigorating incentives all the while creating many memorable experiences. Top-quality cinema events present an opportunity to reconnect with existing clients and forge new long-lasting relationships.


    • Partner's goal: Developing closer relationships with customers whilst delivering exceptional services.


      Over the course of a decade-long partnership, we have proudly assisted ERGO with regard to enhancing its brand image by co-creating exclusive activations and communication messages during the festival. Some of our initiatives included the introduction of ticket insurance, developing an interactive film advisor, hosting various discussions and curating a range of film collections based around topical themes.
    • Partner's goal: Elevating the overall profile of Telia Play and pursuing a robust association with Lithuanian cinema.


      In our partnership with Telia, we enthusiastically showcase different premieres of Lithuanian films. Retrospectives of varied filmmakers which are featured on Telia Play TV prior to the festival adopt a clear association and attract many lovers of high-quality content. An exclusive project includes the single-film screening of ‘Pilgrims’ in the small town of Karmėlava.
    • Partner's goal: Offering products to target audiences, promoting sales and strengthening the image of chocolate craftsmanship.


      Each year, Pergalė's chocolate artisans craft various eye-catching limited-edition chocolates adapted specifically for cinema enthusiasts whilst elegantly aligning side-by-side with the festival's renowned ‘Master’s Program’ featuring numerous celebrated directors – this partnership offers a unique opportunity to merge outstanding production quality together with the essence of Kino Pavasaris. Forum Cinemas Vingis host the ‘Pergalė’s Bar’ throughout the festival, where assortments of handcrafted chocolates are allotted during film screenings.
    • Partner's goal: Presenting exclusive products to target audiences and increasing brand visibility.


      Limited-edition water packing by Birutė not only reflects the festival’s ongoing theme, it also vigorously grabs the attention of all attendees. Birutė water is both prominently displayed and distributed at all major events of Kino Pavasaris and various film premieres. Birutė continues to enjoy successful levels of visibility across our communications field.
    • Partner's goal: Driving employee motivation and creating exceptional customer experiences.


      Over recent years, closed screenings held exclusively for all SORAINEN employees, alumni and clients, featuring unique film presentations and absorbing festival programs, has become that of a priceless tradition. This particular event is eagerly anticipated each and every year – for those unable to attend the closed screenings, festival films are easily accessible through various accreditations and invitations.
    • Partner's goal: Increasing numbers of visitors to the shopping centre.


      Kino Pavasaris’ program extends well beyond films, featuring a medley of charismatic events explicitly designed to attract greater numbers of visitors to Akropolis. Riveting activities such as the ‘Family ‘Weekend, ‘Blind Date’ on Valentine's Day and exclusive festival screenings shown in the car park at Akropolis Kaunas contribute towards drawing crowds. As well as this, Akropolis also offer the ‘1+1’ ticket sales promotion.
    • Partner's goal: Promoting international travel destinations.


      Through our collaboration with Novaturas, we were able to successfully introduce an enticing award for the ‘most-watched film’, offering the fortunate winner a trip to the gorgeous archipelago of Madeira (Portugal). Novaturas' visibility has been a prominent element of both the competition and communication department.
    • Partner's goal: Aggrandizing the profile of the IKEA ‘Family Loyalty Program’ during summer projects.


      Summer projects provide year-round engagement opportunities for the Kino Pavasaris audience. It's an ideal platform for direct interaction with audiences whilst relaxing somewhere in the middle of a vividly tranquil meadow and enjoying the festival’s superb array of films. IKEA showcased its ‘Family Loyalty Program’ through a stand displayed at various summer events, creating copious amounts of engaging content for social media. The branded chairs became just as coveted as the iconic IKEA hot dogs sold from a nearby food stand!


    The ‘Summer Movies Project’ is an initiative by Kino Pavasaris to showcase cinema in unconventional and unforeseen spaces around Vilnius. The key objective of the ‘Summer Movies Project’ is to ensure that high-quality, original films are easily accessible to all Vilnius residents and visitors, with all screenings being FREE for the audience. Dates and locations of each ‘Summer Movies Project’ screening will be announced exactly one week before the event is set to begin, creating an element of surprise for attendees and enabling project organizers to select specific days with favorable weather forecasts.
    • DATES
      July - August (2023)
      At the foot of the Žvėrynas pedestrian bridge (Žvėryno tiltas), Kalnai Park (Kalnų parkas), the grass by the Vilnius Television Tower (Vilniaus televizijos bokštas) and more.
      Approximately 17,000 active and civic-minded Vilnius citizens and visitors.
    • EVENTS:
      A total of five unique events featuring between 2 to 3 films each.

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      Ieva Pačkauskaitė
      Head of Sponsorship Projects