Enter the Slipstream

Enter the Slipstream

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Jonathan Vaughters, or JV, had spent years cycling alongside Lance Armstrong, a world-renowned figure whose legacy has been mired by a doping scandal. Having witnessed the fallout from up close, JV sets out to rehabilitate his fellow athletes and establishes Education First, a squad committed to competing drug-free. Now the oldest cycling team in the United States, Education First unites over 120 riders and staff from all across the globe. After careful negotiations, Ted Youngs, a sports enthusiast and filmmaker, secures the opportunity to follow JV and his team as they prepare for the Tour de France, the world’s toughest bicycle race, over the course of the unpredictable 2020.


  • Directing
    Ted Youngs
  • Assembly
    Brian Gersten, Daniel James Palmer
  • Camera
    Samantha Andre
  • Music
    Filius Blue, Uriel Vanchestein, Alexander Stix-Brunell
  • Translation
    Algis Fediajevas
  • Dialogues
    French, English, Spanish
  • Subtitles
    Lithuanian, English
  • Plays
    Jonathan Vaughters, Dani Martinez, Neilson Powless, Sergio Higuita, Rigoberto Urán, Tejay van Garderen


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