The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush

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For the third year in a row, the LNOBT space will be filled with warmth, laughter and unforgettable experiences - the tandem of Charlie Chaplin and the St.Christopher Chamber Orchestra, which has become a tradition, will once again stir up the emotions of young and old. Not only will you be treated to the iconic comedy for the whole family, The Gold Rush, but also to a live soundtrack that will give the film its unique tonal colours. This duo takes to the stage only once a year - don't miss it!

As the Klondike Gold Rush gets underway, a young man leaves his home in California to try his luck. On his journey north, he finds not only a vein of gold, but also wild adventures, friendship and love. This is one of the best comedies of all time, featuring the legendary boiled shoe dinner, the dance with the bread rolls and the cabin balancing on the edge of the cliff. Critically acclaimed in its day, The Gold Rush remains one of Chaplin's most famous works. The original soundtrack will be performed live by the St Christopher's Chamber Orchestra in a film that has delighted audiences young and old for a century.


  • Directing
    Charles Chaplin
  • The script
    Charles Chaplin
  • Assembly
    Charles Chaplin
  • Camera
    Roland Totheroh
  • Music
    Charles Chaplin
  • Translation
    Laimonas Vaičius
  • Dialogues
    No Dialogue, English
  • Subtitles
  • Plays
    Charles Chaplin, Malcolm Waite, James Dime, Harry Arras, Henry Bergman, Mack Swain, Georgia Hale, Tom Murray


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