Manto de gemas

Saule Bliuvaite’s Programme: Robe of Gems

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A rural community in Mexico is plagued by the constant threat of violence. Three women from different social backgrounds – a housekeeper, her employer, and a police officer – are tragically linked by a woman who has mysteriously disappeared. Natalia López Gallardo, who previously edited the films of such visionaries of Latin American cinema as Carlos Reygadas, Lisandro Alonso, and Amat Escalante, in her directorial debut full of unique images, wanted to depict a world where all the characters – both victims and perpetrators –unknowingly contribute to an endless cycle of violence.


  • Directing
    Natalia López
  • The script
    Natalia López
  • Assembly
    Natalia López, Miguel Schverdfinger, Omar Guzmán Castro
  • Camera
    Adrian Durazo
  • Music
    Santiago Pedroncini
  • Translation
    Laura Stašaitytė
  • Dialogues
    English, Spanish
  • Subtitles
    Lithuanian, English
  • Plays
    Mónica Poggio, Nailea Norvind, Balam Toledo, Juan Daniel Garcia Treviño, Ventura Rendón, Montserrat Colsá, Antonia Olivares, Sherlyn Zavala, Aida Roa


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