How to Have Sex

How to Have Sex (SDH)

Three teenage friends, Tara, Skye, and Em, go to a resort on the island of Crete to celebrate their school graduation. The girls get caught up in a whirlwind of parties, dates, and late-night drinking. Music never stops, and the air is ripe with sweat, alcohol, and pheromones. This summer was supposed to be the best of the girls’ lives.

This movie screening is adapted for the deaf and hard of hearing. What does this mean? The film will be shown with special subtitles (SDH), which will tell a little more than usual about the sounds heard in the film. Hearing viewers will not be disturbed by these subtitles, and deaf and hard of hearing people will be able to fully watch the movie together with hearing people.


  • Directing
    Molly Manning Walker
  • The script
    Molly Manning Walker
  • Assembly
    Fin Oates
  • Camera
    Nicolas Canniccioni
  • Music
    James Jacob
  • Translation
    Agnė Mackė, Jūrgė Astra (SKN)
  • Dialogues
  • Subtitles
    Lithuanian, English
  • Plays
    Mia McKenna-Bruce, Enva Lewis, Shaun Thomas, Samuel Bottomley, Laura Ambler, Lara Peake


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