Flesh for Frankenstein

Flesh for Frankenstein

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Baron von Frankenstein, obsessed with science and hedonism, implements a terrible plan. Together with his assistant Otto, he builds not one, but two beings: a sex addict Adam, and his female counterpart, lustful Eve. They are there to satisfy his darkest desires and fill the world with offspring. However, his creations soon take on a mind and lust of their own, leading to a nightmarish battle of forbidden passions. Full of eroticism and black humor, the interpretation of Frankenstein’s story provocatively reveals monstrous sexuality, which is further enhanced by the 3D film format.


  • Directing
    Paul Morrissey
  • The script
    Tonino Guerra, Pat Hackett, Paul Morrissey, Mary Shelley
  • Assembly
    Jed Johnson, Franca Silvi
  • Camera
    Luigi Kuveiller
  • Music
    Claudio Gizzi
  • Translation
    Marius Juknevičius
  • Dialogues
    French, English
  • Subtitles
    Lithuanian, English
  • Plays
    Joe Dallesandro, Udo Kier, Monique van Vooren


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