MPV programme LT

8th International Film Industry Event „Meeting point – Vilnius“ 
2017.04.04 - 04.06
Kempinski Hotel Vilnius

April 4

Zero Day

Presidential Hall

Moderated by Michael Gubbins

9:45–10:00 Registration

10:00–10:30 Creative Europe Media News by Eva Brazdžionytė

10:30–12.00 Panel. How to nurture your skills and build your network – learning opportunities for the talents of the industry.

Nikolaj Nikitin, School of Film Agents SOFA

Katarina Tomkova, Midpoint

Duncan Carson, Developing Your Film Festival

Ieva Bužinskaitėand DomantėUrmonaitė, Art Departament Masterclass

12:00–13:30 Networking lunch at Restaurant Grey, (Pilies str. 2, Vilnius)

(Entrance with festival accreditation)

13:30–14:15 Baltic cooperation – are we stronger together?

Rolandas Kvietkauskas, Lithuanian Film Center

Uldis Dimisevskis, National Film Center of Latvia

Eda Koppel, Estonian Film Institute

14:15–15:00 Production, distribution and promotion of Baltic works in Baltic countries – how could we all benefit from that!

Baltic producers, distributors, TV buyers

15:00–16:00 Short story long. Inspiring talk by Gediminas Šiaulys (GED SIA)

20:00 Industry opening reception @ Gallery UMI Kalnas (Kriviu str.10, Vilnius)

In partnership with Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian Creative Europe MEDIA Offices

(Entrance with festival accreditations) 

April 5

Presidential Hall

Moderated by Michael Gubbins

9:45–10:00 Registration

10:00–11:00 Coming Soon from Baltics. Presentation of Baltic projects

11:00–11:30 Presentation of Belarusian documentary projects

11:30–12:00 Coffee break

12:00–13:30 Coming Soon New Talents. Presentation of European debut projects

13:30–15:00 Networking lunch at Restaurant Grey, (Pilies str. 2, Vilnius)

15:00–17:00 One on one meetings with Coming Soon projects, Student Competition, Belarusian projects

15:00–16:00 Digital distribution and digital content. Mitch Mallon, USA

16.00 – 16.30 Unforeseen risks in film production. Loss examples of leading film insurer by Anthony Osterrieth, Head of Sales and Gaetan Stephenne, Underwriter, Circles Group, Luxembourg

16:30–17:30 Storytelling in a postmodern world. Inspiring talk by director Krzysztof Zanussi, Poland

17.30 – 18.00 Networking drink, powered by Circles Group (All participants)

19:00 Reception with Remigijus Šimašius, Mayor of Vilnius, at Vilnius Town Hall (Didzioji str.31)

(Entrance with festival accreditations)                             

April 6

European Film Forum

Promotion and prominence of European audiovisual content

Moderated by Michael Gubbins

10:00–10:10 Opening speeches by Ministry of Culture of Lithuania and Member of Parliament

10:10–10:20 Keynote speech by Lucia Recalde, DG Connect

10:20–10:40 Scene setting presentation: Film in New Europe: Progress and obstacles

Martin Blaney, Screen International Eastern Europe correspondent

The opening presentation will set the context for developments in the region, assessing the current state of cinema in terms of audiences, market and industry. It will offer statistics of production levels, box office, audience demand, theatrical reach and other key analytics, including piracy and film exports. It will also look at the growth of VOD and other new forms of digital exploitation, on which new opportunities may be built. The analysis will look at differences between bigger and smaller countries, and between so-called New Europe and the rest of the EU. 

10:40–11:50 Panel discussion

Breaking barriers: how films from New Europe can make an impact at home and abroad

The region’s film industries have reasserted themselves over the last quarter of a century and, to a greater or lesser extent, have created strong platforms on which to build. But Hollywood still has a powerful hold over the box office in many countries, and the most successful European films that travel beyond their borders tend to come from the biggest European countries.  However, a changing environment might offer new ways for the voices of so-called New Europe, and particularly of smaller nations, to be heard, at a time when cultural diversity is more essential than ever. This panel will look at strategies for increasing the cultural and commercial impact of films at home, and making voices heard beyond borders. It will consider how to build sustainable businesses through promotion, while retaining identity and diversity.


Edith Sepp, CEO, Estonian Film Institute, Estonia

Arben Zharku, Director, Kosovo Cinematography Center, Kosovo

Marketa Hodouskova, Industry Expert, France/Czech Republic

Aitziber Atorrasagasti, Director of Culture Promotion for the Basque Government, Spain

Julie-Jeanne Régnault, Head of European Affairs at the CNC, France

Lara Bommers, project coordinator at Under the Milky Way, France

11:50–12:10 Coffee break

12:10–12:30 Keynote speech. New trends in finding audiences for European films

by Joanna Solecka, Alphapanda, Poland

12:30–13:30 Panel

Roadmaps to success: new directions in talent development

Some of the most compelling voices in global cinema have emerged from the countries of New Europe, and a focus on talent development is creating a new generation of filmmakers with huge potential.

However, the challenges are also growing in the oversupplied European film market, where established brands have a strong advantage. Other options may be emerging, though they may require fresh thinking, determination and an entrepreneurial spirit. In particular, new ways of thinking about the relationship between audience and content are needed.

This panel will look at the state of the ‘career ladder’ today, and consider a range of new opportunities, beginning at the earliest stages of development.


Erwin M. Schmidt, Propellor Film Tech Hub, Germany

Fernando Vasquez, Artistic Director, FEST – New Directors Film Festival, Portugal

Kristina Trapp, CEO of EAVE, Luxembourg

Young director Tereza Nvotova, Slovakia

Young director Karolis Kaupins, Lithuania

13:30–13:40 Wrap-up by Martin Blaney, Screen International Eastern Europe correspondent

13:40–15:00 Networking lunch @ Kempinski Grand Dukes Hall (Entrance with festival accreditation) 

19:00 Festival closing ceremony

(Invitation only)