13 – 16 October, 2016
13 – 16 October, 2016

In Latino 2016

A festival of Latin American culture IN LATINO will take place on 13 – 16 October, 2016. The festival will once again fill Vilnius with the colours, tastes and moods of this exotic region.

Special dinners, meetings, cinema screenings, street art and music are only part of the festival’s program.

The brightest accent of this year‘s IN LATINO is the life, works and emphasized femininity of Mexican artist FRIDA KAHLO. In the middle of October, the spirit of FRIDA – around us and inside us – will inspire us to be braver and have more colourful lifes.




Frida @Žemaitė

IN LATINO gift to Vilnius: a portrait of Frida Kahlo by an artist Paulė Bocullaitė


Tequila and mezcal degustation

Participants will try the drinks by different manufacturers and styles.


Movie screening


“Frida” / 2002 / JAV, Kanada, Meksika / 123 min. / rež. Julie Taymor


Movie screening

Frida, Still Life

“Frida, naturaleza viva” / 1983 / Meksika / 108 min. / rež. Paul Leduc

OCTOBER 15, Sat     17:00 - 3:00


club „Paviljonas“ (Pylimo str. 21 B)

The main accent of IN LATINO 2016 is the colorful, exotic and brave personality of Frida Kahlo, her image and works. We will spend the autumn evening inspired by this famous Mexican artist and debate, improvise, taste, draw on the body, make jewellery, drink cacao and, of course, dance.

Sensation station
17:00 - 19:00

Creative workshop and stories with Vilija Karalevičiūtė

The author of Tagua.lt idea, the creator of ecological jewellery out of tropical seeds and stones, Vilija Karalevičiūtė, will tell you a story of how she rediscovered herself as a woman – creator in a faraway Ecuador, and approached the nature and the gifts it bares. You will not only listen to the stories of Vilija, but will also participate in her creative workshop – making a male / female STARS bracelet out of the fruit and stones of a tropical Acai palm tree. The participation fee will go to a fund which helps the families of Canoa town, Ecuador, which was hit by an earthquake.

Participation fee – 15 Eur / Compulsory registration by e-mail: inlatino@kinopavasaris.lt

The number of participants – up to 20 people.

18:00 - 19:00

Tasting of authentic cocoa

Free admission

Why did the Maya and Aztecs call cacao the “food of Gods”? Dorota will give you the history of cocoa and will tell how she discovered this hot drink herself. You will have the possibility to taste it and discuss its effect. “Authentic cocoa increases the blood flow and improves the heart activity while at the same time having a relaxing effect and causing pleasant emotions “, – says Dorota. It’s just what you need for an “In Latino” party!

The number of participants is unlimited, but cocoa will be limited.

21:00 - 24:00

Ink Latino

All the participants will be welcome to come to “Paviljonas” and get a tattoo choosing from one of the sketches brought straight from the South America.

Stories station
19:30 - 21:00

Frida Kahlo – an inspiration to a modern woman

Free admission

Probably the best known Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, is often considered to be a feminist legend and a symbol of emphasized femininity and strength. Is she really this important even in the present days? Fashion insider Victoria Dias, artist Aira Leonidovna and tattoo artist Violetta Melnikova suggest to see Frida as a fashion icon and inspiration to a modern woman.

Rhythm station

„Kitas kampas“ in Latin America

Free admission

The actors of improvisation theatre “Kitas Kampas” never prepare in advance, the show is constructed on the spot in collaboration between actors and the audience. Every performance is unique and shown on stage for the first time. This evening the actors of “Kitas Kampas” will improvise in the mood of In Latino. Neither they nor we know how the things will go, maybe we will find ourselves in Kuba and maybe Che Guevara will talk to us or we will watch something funny happen in favela of Rio de Janeiro!

22:00 - until last dancing

Latino collection with DJ Stavaris

Free admission

A famous composer and presenter of, how he calls it, an eccentric radio show WORLD MUZIK at NERINGA FM, Marius Stavaris, will take care of the dance floor.

Latin America Street
17:00 - 22:00

Come to the park by the “Pavillion” and enter the Latin American street where you will find warmth, colours and street food. Restaurants on wheels “El Caribo” and “Peligroso” will offer colourful and spicy dishes.





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