Meeting Point


The 2023 edition of MPV will be held in Vilnius March 20-22


We are proudly presenting the MPV 2023 official selection for Coming Soon section:

1. David’s Garden | documentary directed by Garush Ghazaryan, produced by Hayk Ordyan
2. Heart, Don’t Be Afraid |documentary directed by Ana Kvichidze, produced by Mariam Bitsadze (Georgia)

3. Isthmus | documentary directed by Yiannis Marinopoulos, produced by Mina Dreki (Greece)

4. Life And Death Of A Christmas Tree | documentary directed by Artūras Jevdokimas, Bernardas Andriušis, produced by Ringailė Leščinskienė (Lithuania)

5. Patarinos | documentary directed by Zeltia Outeiriño Gonzalez, produced by Marina Soriano Guerrero (Spain)

6. Požerskis: In Focus | documentary directed & produced by Joris Skudra (Lithuania)

7. Trust Me |documentary directed by Joanna Ratajczak, produced by Stanislaw Zaborowski (Poland, Germany)

8. Athlete | fiction directed by Semih Gülen, Mustafa Emin Büyükcoskun, produced by Semih Gülen (Germany, Turkey)

9. Forever Hold Your Peace | fiction directed by Ivan Marinović, produced by Marija Stojanović (Montenegro, Serbia, Czech Republic, Croatia, North Macedonia, Slovenia)

10. Her Body | fiction directed by Natálie Císařovská, produced by Viktor Schwarcz and Katarína Krnáčová (Czech Republic and Slovakia)

11. I Am Not Like That | fiction directed & produced by Zvonimir Munivrana (Croatia)

12. Johatsu | fiction directed by Lina Lužytė, Nerijus Milerius, produced by Uljana Kim (Lithuania)

13. Look At Me | fiction directed by George Sikharulidze, produced by Vladimer Katcharava (Georgia)

14. LOTUS | fiction directed by Signe Birkova, produced by Dominiks Jarmakovičs (Latvia)

15. Nobody Likes Me |fiction directed by Tomas Weinreb, Petr Kazda, produced by Guillaume de Seille (Czech)

16. Scirocco | fiction directed by Yassine Marco Marroccu, produced by Andrea Aicha Taschier (Hungary, Morocco)

17. Sensitive Person | fiction directed by Tomáš Klein, produced by Martina Netíková, (Czech)

18. Wiesenwood | fiction directed by Jannis Alexander Kiefer, produced by Frithjof Stückemann (Germany)

19. Say “Ukraine” | hybrid directed by Serhiy Lysenko, produced by Kyrylo Nechmonian (Ukraine)


Guest Project:

            Good Guys Goes To Heaven |fiction
            directed & produced by Radu Potcoava (Romania)


All selected projects will compete for the following awards:

  •         Lithuanian Film Center Award cash prize of EUR 5.000
  •         AVAKA Best Lithuanian Pitch Award cash prize of EUR 1.000
  •         Producers’ Network Award free participation to Producers’ Network @Marché du Film 2023
  •         Ji.hlava New Vision Award free accreditation to Ju.ilava New Vision Forum

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