march 18 - april 5
Meeting Point


The 2021 edition of MPV will be held online April 14–16


The MPV 2021 official selection will be announced in late March.


In the meantime, you can find the previous year’s selection of projects below!



Official 2019 selection:

  1.  36 Months, directed by Liene Linde and Armands Začs, produced by Guntis Trekteris –Ego Media, Latvia.
  2.  Batrachomyomachia, directed by Kasia Hertz, produced by Wrota Podlasia and Jan Szewczyk, DFFB, Germany/Poland.
  3.  El Padre Medico, directed by Vytautas Puidokas, produced by Paulius Juočeris, Mauricio Filho, Gabija Siurbytė, Iron Cat, Lente Viva Filmes, Dansu Films, Lithuania/Brazil.
  4.   Legacy, directed by Dorian Boguta, produced by Oana Giurgiu, Hai Hui Entertainment, Romania.
  5.  Marygoround, directed by Daria Woszek, produced by Marcin Lech, Jan Pawlicki, Dagmara Molga, Janusz Bielecki, Jutrzenka Studio, Solopan, All Muses, Poland.
  6.  My Thoughts Are Silent, directed by Antonio Lukich, produced by Alla Belaya, Dmytro Sukhanov, Toy Cinema, Ukraine.
  7.   Nova Lituania, directed by Karolis Kaupinis, produced by Marija Razgutė, M-Films, Lithuania.
  8.  Soviet Man, directed by Ivo Briedis, produced by Elina Gedina-Ducena and Gints Grūbe, co-producers Jurga Gluskinienė, Jitka Kotrlova, Mistrus Media, Monoklis, Frame Films, Latvia/Lithuania/Czech Republic.
  9.  Tarkovskij - Printed Time, directed by Andrej Andreejevic Tarkovskij Jr., produced by Dimitry Klepatski, Paolo Maria Spina, Peter Krupenin, Klepatski Films, Revolver, Hobab Prod, Russia/Italy/Sweden.
  10.  The Family, directed by Austėja Urbaitė, produced by Živilė Gallego, Murielle Thierrin, Fralita Films, Aldabra Films, Lithuania/France.
  11.  The Flood Won't Come, directed by Marat Sarksyan, produced by Ieva Norvilienė, Tremora, Lithuania.
  12.  The Last Bus, directed by Nandor Lorincz and Balint Nagy, produced by Agnes Pataki and Monika Mecs, M&M Films, Hungary.
  13.  The Lions Heading Venice, directed by Jonid Jorgji, produced by Elkjana Gjipali, Lukas Mracek, EJF Production, Blue Hills Picture, Albania/Czech Republic.
  14.   The Sailor, directed by Lucia Kašova, produced by Nazarij Klujev, TOXPRO, Slovakia.
  15.   The Soviet Garden, directed by Dragos Turea, produced by Dragos Turea, co-producer Marian Crisan, Parmis Film Studio, Rova Film, Moldova.
  16.  The Thrillseekers, directed by Vlada Senkova, produced by Larisa Oleinik, Viktor Labkovich, DOKA, Pervaja Kinovideo Company, Belarus/Russia.
  17.  Undergrown, directed by Marta Ribeiro, produced by Joana Peralta, Videolotion, Portugal.

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