March 19 – April 2


Leave of Absence
2019 Russia 12 min N-16
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Artyom is a butchery worker. Life is tough and he is looking for a way out of the hardship. Suddenly he comes up with an unusual solution. But is there a way out of a depressing city, a slaughterhouse, empty apartments and darkness? 

2017 – Aklavietė (trumpametražis) / The Impasse (short)

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Director(s) - Anton Sazonov
Screenwriter(s) - Anton Sazonov
Actors - Andrius Darela, Alexander Zotov, Daria Rumyantseva, Ion Doze
Producer(s) - Anton Sazonov, Mikhail Marizov, Ekaterina Telegina, Jelena Iljushenok, Vadim Byrkin, Anastasia Pelevina
Cinematographer - Aydar Sharipov
Editor(s) - Vadim Crasnitsky, Anton Sazonov, Ilya Lyamshev
Sound - Ruslan Khuseyn
Composer(s) - Dmitry Evgrafov
Sales agent -
Distributor -
Production company -
Translation - Goda Grigolytė
Dialogues - Russian
Subtitles - English, Lithuanian

2017 – Aklavietė (trumpametražis) / The Impasse (short)

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