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The Red Phallus

The Red Phallus

2018 / Bhutan, Nepal, Germany / 85 min / N-16
Total votes: 14, Average: 7.1
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Director(s) -

Tashi Gyeltshen

Screenwriter(s) -

Tashi Gyeltshen

Actors -

Tshering Euden, Singye Singye, Dorji Gyeltshen

Producer(s) -

Tashi Gyeltshen, Kristina Konrad, Ram Krishna Pokharel

Cinematographer - Jigme T. Tenzing
Editor(s) - Saman Alvitigala
Composer(s) - Frances-Marie Uitti, Jigme Drukpa
Sales agent - Asian Shadows - Chinese Shadows
Distributor -
Production company - Studio 108
Dialogues - Korean, English
Subtitles - Lithuanian, English

In a remote valley of Bhutan, the teenager Sangay lives with her father, a traditional Buddhist painter and craftsman of wooden phalluses. She reluctantly delivers them to neighbors, who believe that the phalluses are supposed to ward off evil spirits. Sangay isn't happy with her life, opposing her dad and everybody at school. The girl feels trapped between the vast emptiness of the valley and the cruel masculinity. Everything changes when Sangay's father discovers that she is seeing a married man.


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