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Quatsch und die Nasenbärbande

2014 / Germany / 82 min. / V
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Director(s) - Veit Helmer
Screenwriter(s) - Hans-Ullrich Krause
Actors - Benno Fürmann, Fritzi Haberlandt, Rolf Zacher, Alexander Scheer, Pieter Budak, Nora Börner
Producer(s) - Veit Helmer
Cinematographer - Felix Leiberg
Editor(s) - Vincent Assmann
Composer(s) - Malcolm Arison, Cherilyn MacNeil
Sales agent -
Distributor -
Production company -
Dialogues - dubbed in Lithuanian
Subtitles -

The adults in Bollersdorf try hard to stay average because they are proud to be allowed to test new products. To this end, they even put all the grandparents into the old people´s home in order to comply with the statistical average. The children don´t want to be testing Guinea Pigs any more and try to establish a new world record. With the help of sleeping pills they knock out the adults and start work on adventurous constructions. This leads to a massive chaos and the village looks like Berlin after the second world war. The miracle that all ends well is due to the help of the grandparents who flee the old people´s home and convince the adults that not all which looks broken necessarily is broken. Annoyed, the product testers leave the village. From then on the children and the grandparents do joint laboratory research trying to establish new world records.


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