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Advanced Style

Advanced Style

2014 / United States / 73 min. / N-13
Total votes: 6, Average: 8.7
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Director(s) -

Lina Plioplytė

Screenwriter(s) - Lina Plioplytė, Ari Seth Cohen
Actors -
Producer(s) - Ari Seth Cohen
Cinematographer - Lina Plioplytė
Editor(s) - Michael Carter, Yianna Dellatolla
Composer(s) - Kelli Scarr
Sales agent -
Distributor -
Production company -
Dialogues - English
Subtitles - Lithuanian
Advanced Style examines the lives of seven unique New Yorkers whose eclectic personal style and vital spirit have guided their approach to aging. Based on Ari Seth Cohen’s famed blog of the same name, this film paints intimate and colorful portraits of independent, stylish women aged 62 to 95 who are challenging conventional ideas about beauty, aging, and Western’s culture’s increasing obsession with youth.


"Advanced Style" (2014, doc., "Kino Pavasaris").