Kino Pavasaris awarded Lithuanian filmmakers

Awards were handed out to the best Lithuanian actor and actress, as voted by festivalgoers. The event, held at the National Gallery of Art on April 11th, also revealed the audience’s favourite Lithuanian film and the best student film.

The prize for Best Actress was awarded to Viktorija Kuodytė, with Juozas Budraitis receiving the award for Best Actor. Both winners gave memorable performances in Algimantas Puipa’s film “Garden of Eden”.

During the festival, viewers were able to vote for their favourite Lithuanian film actor and actress. Also nominated for the best actress award were Severija Bielskytė (“Back”, Gabrielė Urbonaitė) and Ina Marija Bartaitė (“Peace to Us in Our Dreams”, Šarūnas Bartas), while Vainius Sodeika (“Kings’ Shift”, Ignas Miškinis) and Šarūnas Bartas (“Peace to Us in Our Dreams”, Šarūnas Bartas) joined the race for best actor.

Kino Pavasaris also invited festivalgoers to vote for their favourite Lithuanian film. The Audience Choice Award went to the Australian director of Lithuanian descent Nathan Jurevicius and his animated film “Junction”.

The Best Student Film was chosen by a jury comprised of film historian Lina Kaminskaitė–Jančorienė, film director and screenwriter Lina Lužytė, and director of photography Vladas Naudžius. The award went to the documentary film “Mountains to Climb”, directed by Marija Stonytė, for her ability to reveal traveller Laima Armalienė’s silent drama using restrained cinematic technique.

Director Gabrielė Urbonaitė, who won this award three years ago with her short film “The Swimmer”, returned to Kino Pavasaris with her new short “Back”. The film received special mention for its cinematic language, sense of the city and portrayal of a contemporary issue.

The Critics’ Choice programme, already in its fifth year, brings festivalgoers works selected by famous film critics. 12 cinema experts, 8 of whom are members of FIPRESCI, chose 12 films out of 52 suggested candidates. One of the films in this programme – Chilean director Patricio Guzmán’s “The Pearl Button” – was awarded the special Saulius Macaitis prize, named after the legendary Lithuanian film critic.

Kino Pavasaris, together with The Lithuanian Association of Literary Translators, also awarded the best film translation. This year, the prize went to Aušra Bagočiūnaitė, for her masterful control of diverse information, combined with a lively and fluid narration in the documentary film “10 Billion - What's On Your Plate?”, as well as inventive and expressive dialogue in the film “Rams”. Motivational awards went to Jurga Vilė, for eloquently translating the everyday and magical lives of Indian tribes in “Embrace of the Serpent” and “The Pearl Button”; Paulius Jevsejevas, for his brave creativity when conveying the language of young gang members in “Black”; and Lina Černiauskaitė, for the subtle lyrical tone and rich vocabulary in “The Bride”.

This year, seven contenders were nominated for the Lithuanian filmmaker award “Voice of Cinema”, for promotion of auteur films. “Meno avilys” and their DVD “Anthology of Lithuanian Documentary Cinema”; studio “Monoklis”, for the promotion of Linas Mikuta’s film “Fellow Travelers”; producer Živilė Gallego, for international promotion of Alantė Kavaitė’s “The Summer of Sangaile”; Lithuanian Film Short agency, for getting short films into the biggest film festivals; Inesa Kurklietytė, for promoting the social documentary “Cuckoos Children”; studio “Just a Moment”, for promoting Giedrė Žickytė’s documentary “Master and Tatyana”; and Šarūnas Bartas, for promoting auteur cinema ideas with his film “Peace to Us in Our Dreams”.

Head of the jury Izolda Keidošiūtė awarded the “Voice of Cinema” prize to the creators of “Peace to Us in Our Dreams”. Producer Živilė Gallego received special mention for the promotion of “The Summer of Sangaile”, and Audrius Siaurusevičius received an honourable mention from Ieva Norvilienė, member of the Alliance of Cinema Auteurs, for supporting Lithuanian directors and promoting national cinema.