Experimental Cinema to Reside on Screen 9

22 films that present the future of humanity and the medium itself have been selected for Screen 9. Lawrence Lek’s AIDOL will open the space, followed by screenings of this year’s best debut from Berlinale, Albert Serra’s radical “Liberté”, South Korean film retrospectives and much more.

Artist Camilo Restrepo creates a nostalgic and haunting atmosphere in “Los Conductos”, shot on 16 mm celluloid and awarded as the Best First Feature in Berlin. Carlos Casas journeys into the mythical elephant graveyard in “Cemetery”. Marie Losier’s documentary “Felix in Wonderland” follows the visionary electronic musician Felix Kubin as he experiments with sound. Albert Serra’s eerie and atmospheric “Liberté” explores the depth of human desire. And Chinese director Shengze Zhu portrays marginalised people who livestream their existence in “Present.Perfect”

Directors will also interpret sci-fi in new and unique ways with future-set films. The previously mentioned AIDOL explores the meaning of creative freedom in a world driven by algorithms. Director Minh Quý Trương examines the concept of memory and home via a filmmaker living on Mars who combines archival footage of Vietnam with his own recollections in “The Tree House”. Finally, Lav Diaz comments on contemporary politics with “The Halt”, set in a future where volcanic eruptions have plunged the Philippines into darkness and a dictator rules by fear.

Retrospectives showcasing classic South Korean cinema and Bong Joon-ho’s early films can also be seen on Screen 9, with Bong’s debut “Barking Dogs Never Bite” (2000) played in 35 mm. 


Last but not least, three short film programmes will be presented in this experimental space. “Special Screening: Futures” will include “Look Then Below” by filmmaker Ben Rivers, the relationship between animals and humans will be explored with “Special Screening: Anthology of Animals”, while “Special Screening: Planned Bodies” will encourage discussions on human physique in modern society.

Please check the showtimes on Screen 9 here.

The entire 2020 Vilnius IFF programme can be found here: https://kinopavasaris.lt/en/programa

About the festival:

The 25th Vilnius International Film Festival Kino Pavasaris will take place March 19–April 2, 2020. Last year’s festival was visited by 126 542 filmgoers, making it the largest cinema event in Lithuania and one of the most notable film festivals in Eastern Europe. 

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