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E-Meeting Point 2021—Vilnius Announces Participants and Full Program Lineup, April 14-16

VILNIUS, April 3, 2021. This year’s E-Meeting Point – Vilnius, the leading Lithuanian industry forum, announces program participants and the full program schedule for April 14-16. Meeting Point–Vilnius is a work-in-progress audiovisual industry event that discovers, develops, and supports emerging European talents and upcoming debut films, and this year’s program reflects both broad international reach and the depth of talent in the Baltic film industry. Meeting Point Vilnius will also feature a jury of accomplished film industry leaders: Busan Film Festival programmer Karen Park, Intramovies sales agent Marco Valeria, and producer Mina Mileva.

The centerpiece program of Meeting Point—Vilnius is COMING SOON, a work in progress session dedicated to the development of 25 debut films (first and second features) selected from applicants from 35 countries across Europe. The selected filmmakers have the opportunity to pitch their projects, set individual meetings with industry professionals, and qualify for prestigious awards with cash prizes. This year’s selected projects include:


  • 9th Step, directed by Irma Pužauskaitė, produced by Lukas Trimonis / Lithuania
  • A Hero of Our Time, directed and produced by Mirac Atabey / Turkey 
  • CARBON, directed by Ion Bors, produced by Ion Bors, Sergiu Cumatrenco, Sergiu Pascaru, Marin Cumatrenco / Moldova, Romania
  • Feature Film About Life, directed by Dovilė Šarutytė, produced by Uljana Kim / Lithuania
  • I Am Fine, Thanks, directed by Ernestas Jankauskas, produced by Gabija Siurbytė, Greta Akcijonaitė / Lithuania
  • Lapalissade, directed by Philip Sotnychenko, produced by Sashko Chubko, Valeria Sochyvets / Ukraine
  • Our River… Our Sky, directed by Maysoon Pachachi, produced by Talal Al-Muhanna, / UK, France, Germany, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE
  • Pilgrims, directed by Laurynas Bareiša, produced by Klementina Remeikaitė / Lithuania
  • Runner, directed by Andrius Blaževičius, produced by Marija Razgutė, / Lithuania, Czech Republic
  • Songs About Love, directed by Tomasz Habowski, produced by Marta Szarzyńska / Poland
  • The Day I Found A Girl in The Trash, directed by Michał Krzywicki, produced by Natalia Bednarska / Poland
  • Troubled Minds, directed by Raitis Abele, Lauris Abele, produced by Kristele Pudane, Roberts Vinovskis, Raitis Abele / Latvia
  • UPURGA, directed by Ugis Olte, produced by Uldis Cekulis / Latvia



  • Aurora’s Sunrise, directed by Inna Sahakyan, produced by Vardan Hovhannisyan / Armenia, Germany, Lithuania
  • Burial, directed by Emilija Skarnulytė, produced by Dagnė Vildžiūnaitė / Lithuania, Norway
  • Children of Change, directed & produced by Helen Yasinskaja, / Belarus
  •  Good Life, directed & produced by Viktorija Šiaulytė & Marta Dauliūtė / Lithuania, Sweden, Finland
  • Investigative Journalists, directed by Živilė Mičiulytė, produced by Stasys Baltakis / Lithuania
  • Life After Death, directed by Nerijus Milerius, produced by Stasys Baltakis / Lithuania
  • Lovebinge, directed by Simona Žemaitytė, produced by Akvilė Žilionytė / Lithuania
  • A Dying Showgirl and Her Son in Space, directed by Charlotte Strömberg Eliasson, produced by Elin Bennett, Hanna Hannerz-Simå / Sweden
  • Roma, directed by Olha Zhurba, produced by Darya Bassel / Ukraine, Denmark, Netherlands
  • The Right to Be Forgotten, directed by Adina Sadeanu, produced by Ana Maria Pirvan / Romania, Belgium
  • The Wire, directed by Tiha Gudač, produced by Frederik Nicolai, Lukas Trimonis / Belgium, Lithuania, Norway, Croatia
  •  Yoyogi, directed by Max Golomidov, produced by Volia Chajkouskaya, Ivo Felt / Estonia, Japan





Meeting Point—Vilnius aims specifically to nurture the industry and talents of the Baltic region. In the TALENTS NEST program, emerging professionals in all film disciplines from Baltic, ex-Soviet, and Caucasian countries become familiar with the audiovisual industry through industry and networking opportunities with professionals in the field. 2021 participants include:

  • Harun Ilhan Abdullah : writer, director, producer / Turkey
  • Mussabekov Aidar : writer, director / Kazakhstan
  • Golemanova Ralitsa : producer / Bulgaria
  • Ustian Sergo : director / Armenia
  • Hakobyan Elen : director / Armenia
  • Nagorny Gleb : screenwriter / Latvia 
  • Jarmakovics Dominiks : producer / Latvia
  • Prus Kasia : direcor / Poland
  • Maryanovska – Davidzon Regina : producer / Ukraine
  • Kostyna Karina : producer / Ukraine
  • Augustinavičiūtė Gabija : scriptwriter / Lithuania
  • Garnelytė Gailė : director / Lithuania
  • Setkauskas Nojus : film maker / Lithuania
  • Nichiforeac Mihail : director / Moldova
  • Rashchynskaya Yanina : director / Belarus
  • Babic Bojana : screenwriter / Estonia
  • Memanishvili Nino : director, editor / Georgia
  • Selivanova Toma : director / Russia
  • Huseynov Samir : film maker / Azerbaijan
  • Mishov Filip : film critic / Macedonia

An additional program spotlighting the richness of the Baltic film industry is the INDUSTRY SCREENING PLATFORM, which provides screening opportunities for upcoming projects to screen for sales agents, press, programmers and professionals. This year’s titles include:


  • Cinephilia, directed by Algimantas Puipa, produced by Uljana Kim / Lithuania
  • Lotto, directed by Zaza Khalvashi, produced by Sulkhan Turmanidze, Tekla Machavariani / Georgia, Lithuania 
  • Prologos, directed & produced by Mantas Kvedaravičius / Lithuania, Greece
  • Wild East, directed & produced by Matiss Kaza / Latvia




  • Back from New York, directed by Ramunė Rakauskaitė, produced by Arūnas Matelis & Ramunė Rakauskaitė / Lithuania
  • Mirror, directed by Siddhant Sarin & Debankon Solanky, produced by Siddhant Sarin / India, Lithuania, South Korea
  • Kernagis, directed & produced by Andrius Lekavičius / Lithuania
  • Homo Sovieticus, directed by Ivo Briedis, produced by Elīna Gedina-Ducena, Gints Grūbe / Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic


Meeting Point—Vilnius will also present multiple one-off events and masterclasses with international film professionals, providing opportunities for a closer look at various aspects of the audiovisual industry. And MPV isn’t all work, no play: participants are welcomed to join online social gatherings each afternoon, with special events like quizzes, chats with Secret Guests, and online happy hours. See below for full e-Meeting Point—Vilnius schedule.

e-Meeting Point—Vilnius 2021

April 14 - 16

All events are listed in GMT+3 time zone

Wednesday, April 14

10:00 - 12:30     Opening & Coming Soon pitching - Take 1 | Fiction Projects

13:00 - 14:30     Industry Screening*

                           MIRROR, directed by Siddhant Sarin| 73min (doc)

13:00 - 13:30     Talents Nest session - warm-up & participants’ introduction**

13:30 - 14:00     Talents Nest session**

                            A Short Journey into the World of Co-Production Markets

                           Speaker: Alessandro Gropplero (WEMW)

15:00 - 16:30     Industry Screening*

                           BACK FROM NEW YORK, directed by Ramune Rakauskaite | 62min (doc)

15:30 - 16:00     A chat on the SOFA

                           Nikolaj Nikitin and the School of Film Advancement team will welcome MPV

                           participants for a chat and catch-up on SpatialChat.

16:00 - 17:30     Talents Nest session**

                           Tips and Tricks: Navigating the Short Film Festival World

                           Speaker: Rimante Daugelaite-Cegelskiene, Lithuanian Short Film Agency

                           “Lithuanian Shorts”

                           in cooperation with Baltic Pitching Forum

19:00 - 20:30     Industry Screening*

                           HOMO SOVIETICUS, directed by Ivo Briedis | 70min (doc)

Thursday, April 15

10:30 - 12:30     Coming Soon pitching - Take 2 | Documentary Projects

13:00 - 14:30     Masterclass: new development methodologies, 

                           Pre-writing as a major tool, and limitations as a creative trigger!

                           Speaker: Antoine Le Bos, Artistic Director of LIM - Less is more

                           in cooperation with LIM-Less is More

                           (Talents Nest open session)

13:00 - 15:30      Industry Screenings*

                            CINEPHILIA, directed by Algimantas Puipa | 109min (fiction)

14:30 - 15:30      Cottbus Café

                            Join FilmFestival Cottbus (Bernd Buder) and connecting cottbus (Marjorie

                            Bendeck) for a chat in a relaxed atmosphere. Greet and catch up with your

                            colleagues in round of networking, smiles and an afternoon tea or coffee.

15:30 - 16:30      Round Table: Heritage Online - Options for Baltic classic films distribution

                            in cooperation with Heritage Online, the Locarno Film Festival’s digitally based

                            service dedicated to extending the outreach and distribution of Heritage Films

                            through Video on Demand, expanding the range of titles offered by such services.

16:00 - 17:30      Talents Nest session**

                            Tackling Distribution strategies

                            Speaker Aiste Račaitytė (Kino Pavasaris Distribution)

16:00 - 17:30      Industry Screenings*

                            LOTTO, directed by Zaza Khalvashi | 80min (fiction)

18:00 - 19:00      Let’s relax and have fun together!

19:00 - 21:00      Industry Screening*

                            WHERE THE ROAD LEADS, directed by Matiss Kaža | (fiction) 

Friday, April 16 

09:00 - 17:00     Coming Soon | 1to1 meetings

09:00 - 13:00     Talents Nest | group consultations**

10:30 - 11:30     Creative Europe MEDIA programme 2021-2027: What to expect?

                           in cooperation with Creative Europe MEDIA Desk Lithuania

10:30 - 12:30     Industry Screening*

                           KERNAGIS, directed by Andrius Lekavicius | 94min (doc)

12:00 - 13:30     Msterclass: How to make a Movie Trailer

                          Speaker: Boris Pugnet | in cooperation with Creative Europe MEDIA Desk Lithuania

13:30 - 15:30     Industry Screening*

                           PROLOGOS, directed by Mantas Kvedaravicius | 89min (doc)

15:30 - 17:00     Masterclass: The DNA of Television Series

                          Speaker Ben Harris | in cooperation with MIDPOINT

18:00 - 19:00     Closing & Award ceremony

* reserved to Sales, Distributors, Commissioning Editors and Programmers

** reserved to Talents Nest participants


E-Meeting Point—Vilnius’ 2021 partners include patronage from Eurimages, Europa Cinemas, MAIA Workshops, Torino Short Film Market, When East Meets West, MIDPOINT Institute, Sunny Side of the Doc, T-Port, Co.Co., Film Festival Cottbus, LIM-Less is More, Locarno Film Festival-Heritage Online, SOFA,Coprocity. (LT) Lithuanian Film Center, Creative Europe MEDIA Desk Lithuania, Avaka, Go Vilnius, Council of Culture, Vilnius Municipality, Vilnius Film Office, Baltic Pitching Forum.

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