Information for viewers

AEROCINEMA ticket prices

  1. Workweek (all screenings):
  • Ticket for 2* (admits one vehicle) – € 14,99
  • Family ticket** (admits one vehicle) – € 17,99

      2. Weekends and holidays:

      Daytime screenings before 5p.m.:

  • Ticket for 2* (admits one vehicle) – € 11,99
  • Family ticket** (admits one vehicle) – € 14,99

      Evening screenings after 5p.m.:

  • Ticket for 2* (admits one vehicle) – € 14,99
  • Family ticket** (admits one vehicle) – € 17,99

* Admits one vehicle containing no more than two people. Valid for everyone, not just family members.

**Family ticket admits one vehicle containing more than two people. Only valid for family members (must have documents proving familial status upon entry).



Location of AEROCINEMA

The AEROCINEMA drive-in movie theater is located at A. Gustaičio str. 4



  1. Screenings take place at Vilnius Airport. We kindly ask to follow the airport’s rules and regulations, as well as the requirements stated here below. Please preserve the airport’s tarmac and other infrastructure.
  2. Alcoholic beverages and smoking, including heated tobacco, are prohibited during screenings.
  3. Tickets to Aerocinema are sold exclusively online.
  4. Aerocinema events are only accessible to ticket holders. Printed and electronic tickets are accepted.
  5. Only viewers arriving in cars will be admitted to Aerocinema events and screenings.
  6. Only vehicles containing 2 people are admitted to Aerocinema events, unless they are family members who have purchased a family ticket.
  7. Aerocinema tickets may only be refunded or exchanged if a screening is cancelled.
  8. Vehicles containing more than 2 people who have not purchased a family ticket will have to leave the event without a refund.
  9. Exiting your vehicle during the event is forbidden.
  10. In case of a health emergency, passengers will be allowed to exit their vehicle. Such persons must follow quarantine measures and return to their vehicle as soon as possible. The emergency number 112 must be contacted in case of a health emergency.
  11. Viewers may lower their windows during Aerocinema events if the need arises, but only while wearing protective gear that covers their nose and mouth, such as face masks, respirators, etc.
  12. Please turn off your headlights during Aerocinema events. Your engine may only be turned on for a short time if the need arises.
  13. Tickets will be validated without lowering your vehicle window, unless it is necessary to do so, in which case rule 11 must be followed.
  14. Vehicles must be parked at least 2 meters apart during events.
  15. Please follow the instructions of our personnel when parking your vehicle. Larger vehicles such as SUVs will be asked to park in the back rows.
  16. Please follow the instructions of our personnel once the screening is over. Do not leave your vehicle at the venue any longer than needed.
  17. Security guards and our personnel will ensure safety during the events.
  18. Toilets will be located outside the venue, in a parking lot by the entrance. You may leave the venue and return at any time. If you do so, please make sure you have your ticket. There will be no toilets inside the venue.
  19. Persons exhibiting symptoms of a respiratory disease such as fever, cough and shortness of breath will not be permitted to attend Aerocinema events.
  20. We kindly ask that you follow instructions on personal hygiene such as handwashing, cough and sneeze etiquette, etc.
  21. We recommend that persons who are older than 60 years and/or immunocompromised do not attend Aerocinema events.
  22. The gates open 30 minutes before the screening.
  23. Films will be screened in their original language with Lithuanian subtitles. The sound will be broadcast on your vehicle radio or other radio device at a dedicated frequency.
  24. The organizers of Aerocinema reserve the right to change the film programme, ticket prices and event rules.
  25. All Aerocinema events are photographed and filmed. Please find the privacy policy of “Kino Pavasaris” at http://kinopavasaris.lt/lt/taisykles

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