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Letters to Sofija

Letters to Sofija

2012 / United Kingdom / 125 min / V
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Director(s) - Robert Mullan
Screenwriter(s) - Robert Mullan
Actors -

Rokas Zubovas, Marija Korenkaite, Arturas Aleksejevas, Rugile Alytaite, Rimvydas Ambrazevicius, Nikolaj Antonov, Saulius Balandis, Andrius Bialobzeskis, Tomas Bimbiris

Producer(s) - Robert Mullan, Artūras Dvinelis, Rokas Zubovas, Kęstutis Drazdauskas
Cinematographer - Odd-Geir Sæther
Editor(s) - Laurie Yule
Composer(s) - M.K. Čiurlionis (performed by Rokas Zubovas and Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra)
Sales agent - GIZMO FILMS
Distributor - GIZMO FILMS
Production company -
Dialogues - Lithuanian, Russian, Polish
Subtitles - Lithuanian, English

About Directors

Robert Mullan (b. 1954 in Coventry, United Kingdom)


"In the Footsteps of Ambedkar" (1989, doc.), "Second Time Around: Motown" (1991, doc.),  "What's in a Name?" (1992, doc.), "The Other Peter Jay" (1995, doc.), "A Peaceful Journey Home: The Exiled Son of the Shah" (1997, doc.), "Letters to Sofija" (2012, "Kino pavasaris").