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The Dead Man and Being Happy

El Muerto y ser feliz

2012 / Spain, France, Argentina / 94 min / N-13
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Director(s) - Javier Rebollo
Screenwriter(s) - Lola Mayo, Javier Rebollo, Salvador Roselli
Actors - Jose Sacristan, Roxana Blanco, Jorge Jelinek
Producer(s) - Jose Nolla, Luis Minarro
Cinematographer - Santiago Racaj
Editor(s) - Angel Hernandez Zoido
Composer(s) -
Distributor -
Production company -
Dialogues - Spanish
Subtitles - Lithuanian, English

A dying hitman, a stash of morphine, a car that’s seen better days – Spanish director Javier Rebollo offers a darkly humorous road movie on the possibilities of trying to escape that which you fear most. En route this contemporary Don Quixote picks up a squire, a Sancho Panza figure who hides her own secrets and lies, and together they travel through the dusty Argentine landscape in search of the elusive something that always seems to evade their grasp.

For his third feature, the gifted director has decamped to Argentina and created a literate, screwball road movie that Borges surely would have loved.

About Directors

Javier Rebollo (b. 1969 in Madrid, Spain).


"Everything I Know About Lola" (2006, "Kino pavasaris"), "Woman without Piano" (2009, "Kino pavasaris"), "The Dead Man and Being Happy" (2012, "Kino pavasaris").