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Eternal Return

Вечное возвращение. Кинопробы

2012 / Ukraine / 114 min / N-7
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Director(s) - Kira Muratova
Screenwriter(s) - Kira Muratova, Eugeny Golubenko
Actors - Oleg Tabakov, Alla Demidova, Renata Letvinova, Sergey Makovetsky, Georgy Deliev, Natalia Buzko, Vitaliy Linetsky, Uta Kilter, Yuri Nevgamonny, Gennady Skarga
Producer(s) - Oleg Kohlan
Cinematographer - Vladimir Pankov
Editor(s) - Valentina Oleinik
Composer(s) - Valentin Silvestrov
Distributor -
Production company -
Dialogues - Russian
Subtitles - Lithuanian, English

At the heart of this story there are Him and Her, two former schoolmates who haven’t crossed paths for a long time. One day, he arrives in her city to visit her and ask her advice about a mess he’s got into: he’s in love with two women at once, and doesn’t know what to do. A simple yet universal tale, in which the infinite nuances of human emotion resonate with the dramatic performances by Russia’s greatest actors, and a playful yet deeply-felt tribute to the actor’s craft and skill in conveying love and human nature.

About Directors

Kira Muratova (b. 1934 in Ukraine)


"Brief Encounters" (1967), "The Long Farewell" (1971), "Getting to Know the Big Wide World" (1979), "Among Grey Stones" (1983), "Change of Fortune" (1987), "The Asthenic Syndrome" (1990), "Three Stories" (1996), "Chekhov's Motifs" (2002), "The Tuner" (2004), "The Certificate" (2005), "Melody for a Street Organ" (2009), "Eternal Return" (2012, „Kino pavasaris").