Destello Bravío
Destello Bravío
2021 Spain 98 min N-16
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"A mighty flash of light will appear above the village, which will change everything," Isa hears on her own recorded message. "It is magnificent. We will all get headaches, we will lose our memories and we will disappear." Isa's hopes for change are not surprising as she lives in a small community in the southwest of Spain where nothing ever happens. The young people leave, and for those who remain time seems to stand still. But Cita's hopes are fixed on something different. She leaves her husband and roams the small town. The film follows Isa, Cita and other women trying to break out of their static lives.

"What is most memorable about the film are its surreal atmosphere, bright aesthetics and subtle soundtrack, which reveal the feeling of stagnation and hopes for changes. This original debut invites us to rethink the scars caused by the patriarchal system in remote provinces." (Aistė Račaitytė)
Total votes: 13
Director(s) - Ainhoa Rodríguez
Screenwriter(s) - Ainhoa Rodríguez
Actors - Guadalupe Gutiérrez, Isabel Mendoza, Carmen Valverde
Producer(s) - Ainhoa Rodríguez, Lluís Miñarro
Cinematographer - Willy Jáuregui
Editor(s) - José Luis Picado
Sound - Alejandro Castillo, Eva Valiño
Composer(s) - Alejandro Lévar, Paloma Peñarrubia
Sales agent - Patra Spanou Film
Distributor -
Production company -
Translation - Laura Stašaitytė
Dialogues - Spanish
Subtitles - Lithuanian, English

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