2020 Czech Republic 8 min N-13
Short film
Added to my films
Simon is in his 20s and has a brain tumour that is gradually destroying his memory, condemning him to live in the immediate present. His filmmaker sister Nora Štrbová has created a short animated documentary based on this painful experience, which succeeds with a rare formal relevance to represent the inexorable loss of the being.
2018 – Narcizas (trumpametražis) / Narkissós (short)

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Director(s) - Nora Štrbová
Screenwriter(s) - Michael Jiřinec, Nora Štrbová
Actors -
Producer(s) - Ondřej Šejnoha
Cinematographer - Nora Štrbová
Editor(s) - Nora Štrbová
Sound - Jan Mesany
Composer(s) - Jan Mesany
Sales agent -
Distributor - Studio FAMU
Production company -
Translation - Neilina Veitaitė
Dialogues - Czech
Subtitles - Lithuanian, English
2018 – Narcizas (trumpametražis) / Narkissós (short)

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