Fish Like Us
2020 Austria 17 min N-13
Short film
Added to my films
Two siblings end up at a Chinese restaurant. Both feel guilty after the recent death of their mother and find it difficult to broach the subject. At another table, a father improves his daughter's homework, at the next a date goes wrong, and somewhere in between, the server's collar bursts. Though the tables are close together, nobody notices each other.
Total votes: 17
Director(s) - Raphaela Schmid
Screenwriter(s) - Raphaela Schmid
Actors - Julia Franz Richter, Roman Binder, Marlene Hauser, Marie-Christine Crowder, Peter Pertussini, Lucia Campos, Lukas Weiss, Regis Mainka, Felix Kreutzer
Producer(s) - Claudia Joldes
Cinematographer - Simone Hart
Editor(s) - Philipp Mayer
Sound - Luzia Johow, Jón Geirfinnson
Composer(s) -
Sales agent - Lemonade Films
Distributor -
Production company -
Translation - Sandra Šumskaitė
Dialogues - German
Subtitles - Lithuanian, English

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