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To the Moon
To the Moon
2020 Ireland 76 min N-7
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Ever since the dawn of mankind, our relationship to the astral glow in the night skies has remained a dominant source of inspiration, lighting perilous journeys of seafarers, sheltering lovers in a romantic embrace, and providing companionship to lonesome figures. An homage to the connection with our planetary satellite's mythical, timeless grandeur, "To the Moon" weaves literary fragments and a haunting score with original and archival footage sourced from cinematheques across five continents into a cinematic fairytale.

"Tadhg O'Sullivan has tapped into the annals of our collective cinematic history to weave an essayistic collage that's an ode to our relationship with the moon as a symbol of love, madness and guiding light. Poetic, lyrical and transcendent, the film ensures we will never look at the moon the same way again by immersing us into the shared dream of humanity's gentle lunacies – existence and imagination." (Andrei Tănăsescu)
2017 – Didžioji siena / The Great Wall
2014 – Yximalloo / Yximalloo
2011 – Karantinas (trumpametražis) (bendrarežisieris) / Quarantine (short) (co-director)

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Director(s) - Tadhg O'Sullivan
Screenwriter(s) - Tadhg O'Sullivan
Actors -
Producer(s) - Clare Stronge
Cinematographer - Tadhg O'Sullivan, Scott Barley, Joshua Bonnetta, Lorenzo Gattorna, Jimmy Gimferrer, Sam Hamilton, Ben Mullen, Ian Powell, Sara Ross-Samko, Peter Rubi, Margaret Salmon, Apal Singh, Michael Walsh, Feargal Ward
Editor(s) - Tadhg O'Sullivan
Sound - Fintan O'Brien, Luís Silveira, Pete Smith
Composer(s) - Amanda Feery, Linda Buckley
Sales agent - Deckert Distribution GMBH
Distributor -
Production company -
Translation - Ieva Toleikytė
Dialogues - English, Irish, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Estonian, Portuguese, French, German, Swedish, Czech, Norwegian, Farsi, Albanian, Welsh, Italian
Subtitles - Lithuanian, English
2017 – Didžioji siena / The Great Wall
2014 – Yximalloo / Yximalloo
2011 – Karantinas (trumpametražis) (bendrarežisieris) / Quarantine (short) (co-director)

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