24 march – 3 april


2019 United Kingdom 83 min N-13
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Lawrence Lek's first feature-length film is a CGI fantasy that continues his successful experimentation with digital images. It tells the story of Diva – a superstar preparing for a comeback concert at the 2065 'eSports Olympics' – and Geo, an AI with artistic yearnings. Virtual realities shuffle like songs in a music album and transports us into a world, where humans encounter artificial intelligence and where the power of mega-corporations collide with the virtue of creativity.



"One of the highlights of SCREEN 9 and a personal discovery of the year. Detailed and ingenious world created by Lawrence Lek immerses into different reality, transports us to the future, but at the same time raises questions that are so relevant today." (Mantė Valiūnaitė)

2017 – Geomanceris (trumpametražis) / Geomancer (short) 
2017 – Europa, mano meile (trumpametražis) / Europa, Mon Amour (short)

Total votes: 4
Director(s) - Lawrence Lek
Screenwriter(s) - Lawrence Lek
Actors - Xiaoyi Nie, Steve Goodman, Sophie Guo, Xiaoran Wu, Joni Zhu
Producer(s) - Lawrence Lek, Sadie Coles
Cinematographer - Lawrence Lek
Editor(s) - Andre Corsini, Clifford Sage
Sound - Seth Scott
Composer(s) - Lawrence Lek
Sales agent -
Distributor -
Production company -
Translation - Anastasija Ganockaja
Dialogues - English, Chinese
Subtitles - English, Lithuanian
2017 – Geomanceris (trumpametražis) / Geomancer (short) 
2017 – Europa, mano meile (trumpametražis) / Europa, Mon Amour (short)

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