March 18 – April 1


2019 Croatia 93 min N-13
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Jasna returns to her hometown in Croatia to visit her despotic, long-neglected mother, who has a few months left to live. As she grew up, she fled to Germany, where she started a family and a new life. But the deadly illness forces Jasna to return home, which she has been avoiding for many years. The mother, who has not changed, only makes this return more difficult. Jasna nurses her mother stoically and yet she stubbornly opposes it. As death approaches, tensions between women and their past are rising.


"Nursing care at the end of life seems to be a topic that is close to each of us but rarely found in cinema. The director, who dares to tackle it, creates sensitive portraits of women and tells an emotional and humane story." (Dovilė Raustytė-Mateikė)

2015 – Iškyla (trumpametražis) / Picnic (short)
2012 – Skėtis (trumpametražis) / Umbrella (short)

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Director(s) - Jure Pavlović
Screenwriter(s) - Jure Pavlović
Actors - Daria Lorenci, Neva Rošić, Vera Zima, Anka Vuckovic, Marijo Jurkovic
Producer(s) - Bojan Kanjera, Biljana Tutorov, Jure Pavlović
Cinematographer - Jana Plećaš
Editor(s) - Dragan von Petrovic
Sound - 
Composer(s) -
Sales agent -
Distributor -
Production company -
Translation - Laima Masytė
Dialogues - Croatian, German
Subtitles - Lithuanian, English
2015 – Iškyla (trumpametražis) / Picnic (short)
2012 – Skėtis (trumpametražis) / Umbrella (short)

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