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2018 / Poland / 22 min / N-13
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Tremors on IMDb
Director(s) -

Dawid Bodzak

Screenwriter(s) -

Dawid Bodzak

Actors -

Natan Berkowicz, Tomasz Haładaj

Producer(s) -

Agata Golanska

Cinematographer - Adam Suzin
Editor(s) - Kamil Grzybowski
Composer(s) -
Sales agent -
Distributor -
Production company -
Dialogues - Polish
Subtitles - Lithuanian, English

Imagine that you are in a forest surrounded by quietness, darkness and emptiness. You suddenly hear a howling, you see a wolf and a second one and a third one. They are getting closer. You do not know, how you ended up here, you do not want to be here… This is a story about a teenager suffering from mysterious tremors where facts and fiction intertwine.