Family Unit
2018 Lithuania 21 min V
Short film
Added to my films

Migle's grandfather has been living in an apartment that is too big for him. Two sibling families decided to move him out. In order to please Migle, Eimantas comes to grandfather's home to help family move all the furniture. But not everyone in the family is happy about his presence.

Total votes: 25
Director(s) -

Titas Laucius

Screenwriter(s) -

Titas Laucius

Actors -

Arūnas Sakalauskas, Dainius Gavenonis, Vidas Petkevičius, Rasa Samuolytė, Aldona Vilutytė, Andrius Alešiūnas, Aistė Zabotkaitė

Producer(s) -

Klementina Remeikaitė

Cinematographer - Zbigniev Bartoševič
Editor(s) - Darius Šilėnas
Composer(s) - Titas Laucius, Vilius Verbus
Sales agent -
Distributor -
Production company -
Dialogues - Lithuanian
Subtitles - English

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