Ray & Liz
Ray & Liz
2018 United Kingdom 108 min N-16
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On the outskirts of Birmingham and the fringes of society live Ray and Liz. With a unique aesthetic look English artist Richard Billingham returns to his childhood with the careless parents. Their comic and grimy daily life was shot on 16mm film by Daniel Landin („Under the Skin"). Film continues its journey through festivals collecting numerous awards and nominations, while Billingham's works are or were held in the permanent collections of the most famous galleries and museums, for example MoMA.


2016 – Rėjus (trumpametražis) / Ray (short)




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Director(s) -

Richard Billingham

Screenwriter(s) -

Richard Billingham

Actors -

Justin Salinger, Ella Smith, Patrick Romer, Deidre Kelly, Tony Way, Sam Gittins


Producer(s) -

Jacqui Davies

Cinematographer - Daniel Landin
Editor(s) - Tracy Granger
Composer(s) - Becca Gatrell
Sales agent - Luxbox Films
Distributor -
Production company - A BFI, Ffilm Cymru Wales, CBC presentation in association with Severn Screen, Rapid Eye Movies of a Primitive Film production
Dialogues - English
Subtitles - Lithuanian

2016 – Rėjus (trumpametražis) / Ray (short)




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