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High Life

High Life

2018 / Germany, France, United Kingdom, Poland, United States / 110 min / N-16
Total votes: 34, Average: 7.3
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Director(s) -

Claire Denis

Screenwriter(s) -

Claire Denis, Jean-Pol Fargeau, Geoff Cox

Actors -

Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, André Benjamin, Mia Goth, Lars Eidinger, Agata Buzek

Producer(s) -

Laurence Clerc, Oliver Dungey, Christoph Friedel, D.J. Gugenheim, Andrew Lauren, Klaudia Smieja, Claudia Steffen

Cinematographer - Yorick Le Saux
Editor(s) - Guy Lecorne
Composer(s) - Stuart Staples, Tindersticks
Sales agent - Wild Bunch
Distributor - Estinfilm
Production company -
Dialogues - English
Subtitles - Lithuanian

Deep space. Beyond our solar system. A crew of prisoners were sent on a mission to the black hole closest to Earth. A solitary man Monte, whose strict self-discipline is a protection against desire – his own and that of others – fathered the girl Willow against his will. His sperm was used to inseminate Boyse, the young woman who gave birth to her. Now only Monte and Willow remain on spacecraft, in complete isolation. Through his daughter, for the first time, Monte experiences the birth of an all-powerful love.


2018 – Gyvenimas aukštybėse / High Life (Kino pavasaris)
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2001 – Nemalonumai kiekvieną dieną / Trouble Every Day
1999 – Gražus darbas / Beau travail
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1994 – Aš nenoriu miego / I Can't Sleep
1990 – Nebijau, nemirsiu / No Fear, No Die
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