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Queen of Hearts


2019 / Denmark, Sweden / 127 min / N-18
Total votes: 158, Average: 8.5
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Queen of Hearts on IMDb
Director(s) -

May el-Toukhy

Screenwriter(s) -

Maren Louise Käehne, May el-Toukhy

Actors -

Trine Dyrholm, Magnus Krepper, Gustav Lindh

Producer(s) -

Caroline Blanco, Rene Ezra, Malin Idevall, Kristina Kornum, Kim Arnt Torp, Henrik Zein

Cinematographer - Jasper Spanning
Editor(s) - Rasmus Stensgaard Madsen
Composer(s) - Jon Ekstrand
Sales agent - TrustNodisk
Distributor - Kino Pavasaris Distribution
Production company -
Dialogues - Danish
Subtitles - Lithuanian

Anne is a successful, uncompromising lawyer specialising in children and youth cases. She is happily married to Peter, with whom she has twin daughters, but the family's life is stirred when Gustav, Peter's reckless teenage son from a previous marriage, moves in with them. While Peter has a hard time reconnecting with his long-lost son, Anne is used to handling difficult youngsters and finds a way to establish a bond with Gustav. When Anne seduces Gustav she jeopardises both her career and her family.


2015 – Ilga istorija trumpai / Long Story Short