Panic Attack
Atak Paniki
2017 Poland 100 min N-16
Added to my films

Six stories about ordinary people put in extreme situations, which cause them to experience a panic attack. We experience a roller-coaster of events: a woman meets her two exes during one night, a couple picks the worst seat on an airplane, a young girl risks having her girlfriends expose her as a porn star, a bride gives birth at her own wedding, a teenager gets stoned for the first time while a young man has to beg his weird mother to save his life's work. A brilliant satire that cuts through society with razor-sharp humor.


2013 – Magma (trumpametražis) / Magma (short)

2010 – Užtemimas (trumpametražis) / Eclipse (short)

Total votes: 86
Director(s) -

Paweł Maślona

Screenwriter(s) -

Paweł Maślona, Aleksandra Pisula, Bartłomiej Kotschedoff

Actors -

Artur Żmijewski, Dorota Segda, Nicolas Bro, Magdalena Popławska, Aleksandra Pisula

Producer(s) -

Jan Kwieciński

Cinematographer - Cezary Stolecki
Editor(s) - Agnieszka Glińska
Composer(s) - JIMEK
Sales agent - New Europe Film Sales
Distributor - Kino Pavasaris Distribution
Production company -
Dialogues - Polish
Subtitles - Lithuanian

2013 – Magma (trumpametražis) / Magma (short)

2010 – Užtemimas (trumpametražis) / Eclipse (short)

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