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The World is Yours

Le monde ou rien

2018 / France / 94 min / N-16
Total votes: 110, Average: 7.3
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The World is Yours on IMDb
Director(s) -

Romain Gavras

Screenwriter(s) -

Romain Gavras, Karim Boukercha, Noé Debré

Actors -

Karim Leklou, Vincent Cassel, Isabelle Adjani, Oulaya Amamra, François Damiens

Producer(s) -

Charles-Marie Anthonioz, Bachir Arfaoui, Mourad Belkeddar, Jean Duhamel, Nicolas Lhermitte Lhermitte, Vincent Mazel, Hugo Sélignac

Cinematographer - André Chemetoff
Editor(s) - Benjamin Weill
Composer(s) - Jamie XX, Sebastian
Sales agent - Studio Canal
Distributor - Kino Pavasaris Distribution
Production company -
Dialogues - French
Subtitles - Lithuanian

A Greek-born French director Romain Gavras has become famous with the music clips for M. I. A. and Jay-Z. That's why his action comedy „The World Is Yours" inter-connects with pop and street culture, lively soundtrack and dynamic script. François is a small dealer, whose father-in-law just got out of prison (Vincent Cassel), mother is a pickpocket queen in Paris (Isabelle Adjani) and his childhood sweetheart that now belongs to the same pickpocket gang. They are all up for another dirty job with unpredictable circumstances.


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