march 16–26


2018 Lithuania 7 min N-7
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"Shine" is an animated short film, which pictures a symbolic fight for the Lithuanian language during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This is a poetic ode to Lithuania and its difficult struggle to keep the Lithuanian language alive through the historical changes. Dramatic exile to Siberia, Lithuanian book smuggling, and various movements for independence portrayed through various symbolic metaphors.
Total votes: 55
Director(s) - Gediminas Šiaulys
Screenwriter(s) - Gediminas Šiaulys
Actors -
Producer(s) - Miglė Pelakauskė
Cinematographer - Darius Petrulaitis
Editor(s) - Jonas Konstantinavičius
Composer(s) - Vytautas Leistrumas
Sales agent - PetPunk
Distributor -
Production company - PetPunk
Dialogues - Lithuanian
Subtitles - No Subtitle
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