All About Amal
All About Amal
2017 Egypt, Lebanon, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Qatar 83 min N-13
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Amal is 14 years old when she ends up on Tahrir Square during the Egyptian revolution, after the death of her boyfriend in the Port Said Stadium riot. Film follows her over the years after the revolution. As the film cuts between the unfolding current events and Amal’s rapidly changing life and appearance, we see her searching for her own identity in a country in transition. Amal is fiery and fearless, sinking her teeth into the protests and constantly lecturing her mother. A girl among men, she also has to fight for respect and the right to take part, both in the street and in the rest of her life. In Egypt, even for a young woman like Amal – her name means "hope" – the choices open to her for her future are limited.


2017 – Maištingoji Amal (dok. f.) / All About Amal (doc.)
2016 – Kieno šalis? (dok. f.) / Whose country? (doc.)

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Director(s) - Mohamed Siam
Screenwriter(s) - Mohamed Siam
Actors -
Producer(s) - Myriam Sassine, Mohamed Siam
Cinematographer - Mohamed Siam
Editor(s) - Véronique Lagoarde - Ségot
Composer(s) - Matthieu Deniau
Sales agent - Doc & Film International
Distributor -
Production company - Abbout Productions
Dialogues - Arabic
Subtitles - Lithuanian, English

2017 – Maištingoji Amal (dok. f.) / All About Amal (doc.)
2016 – Kieno šalis? (dok. f.) / Whose country? (doc.)

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