march 16–26


2017 South Korea 102 min N-13
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Miso is a 31-year-old housemaid making 45,000 KRW per day in Seoul. Her only joys in life are cigarettes, one glass of whiskey after work, and her poor boyfriend. Beginning on the first day of the year, the cost of cigarettes rises a whole 2,000 KRW! Such a rise in price is enough for a daily worker like Miso to have to decide to give something up. Unable to let go of either whiskey or cigarettes, she decides to give up her home. The price of housing in Seoul is, after all, the most expensive thing to her. She decides to visit the five friends with whom she was in a band during her 20s and stay with them for a while. 


2017 – Mikrobūtis / Microhabitat

Total votes: 54
Director(s) - Jeon Gowoon
Screenwriter(s) - Jeon Gowoon
Actors - Lee Som, Ahn Jaehong, Choi Duckmoon , Kim Jaewha , Kim Kukhee, Lee Sungwook, Kang Jinah
Producer(s) - Kim Soonmo
Cinematographer - Kim Taesoo
Editor(s) - Go Bonggon
Composer(s) - Kwun Hyunjeong
Sales agent - M-Line Distribution
Distributor -
Production company - Gwanghwamuncinema
Dialogues - Korean
Subtitles - Lithuanian, English

2017 – Mikrobūtis / Microhabitat

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