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The Motive

El autor

2017 / Spain / 112 min / N-16
Total votes: 243, Average: 7.6
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The Motive on IMDb
Director(s) - Manuel Martín Cuenca
Screenwriter(s) - Manuel Martín Cuenca, Alejandro Hernández
Actors - Javier Gutiérrez, Antonio de la Torre, María León, Adriana Paz, Tenoch Huerta, Adelfa Calvo, Rafael Téllez
Producer(s) - José Nolla, Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson, David Naranjo, Manuel Martín Cuenca, Mónica Lozano, Alex Zito
Cinematographer - Pau Esteve Birba
Editor(s) - Ángel Hernández Zoido
Composer(s) - José Luis Perales
Sales agent - Filmax International
Distributor -
Production company -
Dialogues - Spanish
Subtitles - Lithuanian, English

Álvaro lives a dull life working as a clerk at a notary’s office in Seville dreaming of one day becoming an author. His wife never dreamt of becoming an author yet she's the one whose first novel ends up being a best-seller. Couple's separation pushes Alvaro to finally realize his dream of writing a great novel. But when he finally sits down to write, he can't do it – everything he puts down on paper rings false. He not only lacks talent, but imagination as well. Guided by his writing teacher, Juan, Alvaro discovers that truly great fiction is drawn from reality and so embarks on a mission to create his own story. By manipulating his friends and neighbors, Alvaro gets his plot, but will his true story have a happy ending?


2017 – Įkvėpimas / The Motive
2013 – Kanibalas / Cannibal
2010 – Pusė „Oskaro“ / Half of Oscar
2003 – Bolševikų silpnybės / The Weakness of the Bolshevik