March 19 – April 2


The Last Journey of the Enigmactic Paul W.R.
Le dernier voyage de l'énigmatique Paul WR
2016 France 17 min N-7
Added to my films
The red moon threatens our existence on earth. Our only hope is the enigmatic Paul WR, the most talented astronaut of its generation. But few hours before the start of the Great mission, Paul disappeared.

About Directors

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Director(s) - Romain Quirot
Screenwriter(s) - Romain Quirot
Actors - Hugo Becker, Nicolas Giraud, Dorcas Coppin
Producer(s) - Jérôme Lateur
Cinematographer - Jean-Paul Agostini
Editor(s) - Romain Quirot
Composer(s) - Etienne Forget
Sales agent -
Distributor -
Production company -
Dialogues - French
Subtitles - Lithuanian, English

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