2016 United States, Poland 86 min N-13
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The world as we know it has been forgotten. A decade after a global epidemic, those who remain suffer from lasting effects of the virus - retrograde and anterograde amnesia. The survivors navigate a decaying landscape, unable to recall the past or create new memories. Each finds their own way to cope with life in a perpetual present, where meaning must be experienced moment by moment.

A boy loses his guardian and searches for a new home beyond the limits of the city. Two lovers struggle to stay together, afraid that if separated, they will forget each other forever. A violent young man takes what he needs to survive, no matter the cost. A professor researching a cure makes a connection that is not what he expected. And deep underground, a girl living with her father in a bunker safe from the virus must decide whether to risk infection to regain her freedom.

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Director(s) - Claire Carré
Screenwriter(s) - Charles Spano, Claire Carré
Actors - Jason Rritter, Iva Gocheva, Karl Glusman, Greta Fernandez, Tucker Smallwood, Roberto Cots, Dominique Swain, Matthew Goulish, Silvan Friedman
Producer(s) - Charles Spano, Claire Carré
Cinematographer - Todd Antonio Somodevilla
Editor(s) - Claire Carré
Composer(s) - Kimberly Henninger, Shawn Parke
Sales agent -
Distributor -
Production company - Chaotic Good
Dialogues - Spanish, English
Subtitles - Lithuanian, English

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