March 19 – April 2


Killing Klaus Kinski
Killing Klaus Kinski
2016 Colombia, Netherlands 21 min N-13
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The hostility of the Amazon and its natural forces reaches superlative levels during the shooting of a film. The overpowering jungle and harsh weather lead the film crew to plot the assassination of the main actor. As in cinema that scrutinizes itself, we revisit in a vertiginous sequence shot a myth of the history of film when in the toughest part of filming “Fitzcarraldo”, Werner Herzog phantasized about killing actor Klaus Kinski.

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Director(s) - Spiros Stathoulopoulos
Screenwriter(s) - Spiros Stathoulopoulos
Actors - David Ortiz, Juan Camilo Amaris, Joseh Wager, Ramiro Mendoza, Placido Mendoza
Producer(s) - Emiliano Mansilla, Antonio von Hildebrand
Cinematographer - David Curto
Editor(s) -
Composer(s) - Nicolas Leau
Sales agent -
Distributor -
Production company - Candelaria Films
Dialogues - English, German, Spanish
Subtitles - English

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