March 19 – April 2


Second to None
Second to None
2016 Ireland 7 min N-13
Added to my films
Frederick Butterfield has always been runner up to his twin brother Herman. When Herman, the older by a mere minute, becomes the world’s oldest man, Frederick finally sees an opportunity to be first place. Frederick will stop at nothing to claim the top spot in the most inventive way possible.

About Directors

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Director(s) - Vincent Gallagher
Screenwriter(s) - Vincent Gallagher
Actors -
Producer(s) - Damian Farrell
Cinematographer -
Editor(s) - Vincent Gallagher
Composer(s) - St Francis Hotel
Sales agent -
Distributor -
Production company - Caboom, Second to None
Dialogues - No Dialogue
Subtitles - No Subtitle

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