March 19 – April 2


Too Good for Hollywood
Holivudas pasiūlė per mažai
2017 Lithuania 26 min N-13
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Valdemaras Isoda got hooked on cinema since five. This addiction never went away. He is not a film director, he is not a screenwriter, nor a critic. He is a man who had been too good for Hollywood.
"Too Good for Hollywood" (2017, short doc., "Kino pavasaris").

About Directors

Rimantas Oičenka (b. 1987 in Jurbarkas, Lithuania).
Total votes: 18
Director(s) - Rimantas Oičenka
Screenwriter(s) - Rimantas Oičenka, Romanas Muravjovas
Actors -
Producer(s) - Jurga Dikčiuvienė, Rimantas Oičenka
Cinematographer - Rimantas Oičenka, Romanas Muravjovas
Editor(s) - Mikas Žukauskas, Rimantas Oičenka
Composer(s) - Gediminas Jakubka
Sales agent -
Distributor -
Production company - Studija Kinema
Dialogues - Lithuanian
Subtitles - English
"Too Good for Hollywood" (2017, short doc., "Kino pavasaris").

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