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American Honey

American Honey

2016 / United States, United Kingdom / 158 min / N-16
Total votes: 89, Average: 8.5
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American Honey on IMDb
Director(s) - Andrea Arnold
Screenwriter(s) - Andrea Arnold
Actors - Shia LaBeouf, Sasha Lane, Riley Keough, McCaul Lombardi, Arielle Holmes, Crystal Ice, Veronica Ezell, Chad Cox, Garry Howell, Kenneth Kory Tucker, Raymond Coalson, Isaiah Stone
Producer(s) - Lars Knudsen, Jay Van Hoy, Thomas Benski, Lucas Ochoa, Pouya Shahbazian, Alice Weinberg, Julia Oh
Cinematographer - Robbie Ryan
Editor(s) - Joe Bini
Composer(s) -
Sales agent - Protagonist Pictures, Universal Pictures International
Distributor - NCG Distribution
Production company -
Dialogues - English
Subtitles - Lithuanian
Visionary award-winning filmmaker Andrea Arnold makes her first US film with the story of a teenager Star (Sasha Lane) who falls into a life on the road. Star leaves her troubled home with a travelling sales crew who drive across the American Midwest selling Magazine subscriptions door to door. Finding her feet in this gang of teenagers, one of whom is Jake (Shia LaBeouf), she soon gets into the group's lifestyle of hard-partying nights, law-bending days and young love. Shot in a 4:3 aspect ratio, the film keeps us close to its cast. Lane and LaBeouf are an electric pairing; the screen can barely contain the ecstasy of their scenes together. 

About Directors

Andrea Arnold (b. 1961 in Dartford, England, United Kingdom).


“Milk” (1998, short), “Dog” (2001, short), “Wasp” (2003, short), "Red Road" (2006), "Fish Tank" (2009, "Kino pavasaris"), "Wuthering Heights" (2011, "Kino pavasaris"), "American Honey" (2016, "Kino pavasaris").