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The Student


2016 / Russia / 118 min / N-13
Total votes: 34, Average: 8.1
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The Student on IMDb
Director(s) - Kirill Serebrennikov
Screenwriter(s) - Kirill Serebrennikov
Actors - Petr Skvortsov, Victoria Isakova, Julia Aug, Svetlana Bragarnik, Anton Vasiliev, Aleksandra Revenko, Aleksandr Gorchilin
Producer(s) - Ilya Stewart, Diana Safarova, Yury Kozyrev, Murad Osmann, Sergey Shtern, Svetlana Ustinova, Ilya Dzhincharadze, Katerina Komolova, Cosimo Fin
Cinematographer - Vladislav Opelyants
Editor(s) - Yury Karikh
Composer(s) - Ilya Demutsky
Sales agent - Wide
Distributor - MTÜ Must Käsi, Kino Pavasaris Distribution
Production company -
Dialogues - Russian
Subtitles - Lithuanian, English

A battle of wills between a fanatically Orthodox teen, Venya, and his atheistic biology teacher, Elena, threatens to careen over into violence in Kirill Serebrennikov’s savage satire on the state of Russia today. It is no secret –  nor a coincidence – that Putin’s time in power has seen a concomitant increase in the power of the Orthodox Church. What starts out as a bit of a joke – Venya wearing a gorilla suit and protesting against Elena’s teaching of evolutionary theory rather than creationism – becomes more ominous as the teen embraces an extremist reading of the tenets of his faith with regard to women’s roles, the inferiority of the Jews and the evils of homosexuality. But Elena is no pushover, meaning a showdown is inevitable. The only question is: how far will Venya go…?

About Directors

Kirill Serebrennikov (b. 1969 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia).


"Ragin" (2004), "Bed Stories" (2005), "Playing the Victim" (2006), "Yuri’s Day" (2008), "The Prawn’s Kiss" (2009, short), "Betrayal" (2012, "Kino pavasaris"), "The Student" (2016, "Kino pavasaris").