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The Workers Cup
The Workers Cup
2017 United Kingdom 89 min N-13
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When FIFA selected Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup, the petroleum-rich country used its vast and wealthy resources to begin constructing state-of-the-art stadiums and facilities utilizing millions of migrant workers. The Workers Cup follows a group of these men – from India, Kenya, Nepal, and Ghana – who, stuck in isolated camps, working arduous hours for unlivable wages, eagerly escape into a corporate-sponsored “workers welfare” soccer tournament of their own. While the tournament amounts to little more than a marketing ploy for those at the top, the laborers embrace the rare opportunity to let loose, compete, and prove themselves bona fide soccer champions.
"Rocket to Danger" (short, 2009), "The Workers Cup" (2017, doc., "Kino pavasaris").

About Directors

Adam Sobel (b. in Arkansas, United States).

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Director(s) - Adam Sobel
Screenwriter(s) -
Actors -
Producer(s) - Rosie Garthwaite, Ramzy Haddad
Cinematographer - Nazim Aggoune, Joe Saade
Editor(s) - Lauren Wellbrock, Anne Jünemann, Adam Sobel
Composer(s) - Nathan Halpern
Sales agent - Autlook Filmsales
Distributor -
Production company -
Dialogues - English, Nepali, Malayalam, Hindi, Arabic
Subtitles - Lithuanian, English
"Rocket to Danger" (short, 2009), "The Workers Cup" (2017, doc., "Kino pavasaris").

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