March 19 – April 2


All Is Nature
Viskas yra gamta
2016 Lithuania, United Kingdom 20 min N-13
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Elderly, bald, reserved – one of those characters in one of those Eastern European towns. Nothing too peculiar about him. But his wife becomes suspicious. Perhaps the neighbours would notice it too. Were they not permanently glued to their TV screens, they would notice the outcomes of his secret plan – a personal mission against Nature. In fact, precisely the kind of Nature advertised on TV and eco-packages. The Nature of everybody's dreams.
"All Is Nature" (2015, short, "Kino pavasaris")

About Directors

Gerda Krutaja (b. 1988 in Mindaugiai, Lithuania)
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Director(s) - Gerda Krutaja
Screenwriter(s) - Dangiras Bugas
Actors - Vytautas Anužis, Gražina Baikštytė
Producer(s) - Jurga Dikčiuvienė
Cinematographer - Eitvydas Doškus
Editor(s) - Ieva Veiverytė
Composer(s) - Matas Labasauskas
Sales agent -
Distributor -
Production company -
Dialogues - Lithuanian
Subtitles - English
"All Is Nature" (2015, short, "Kino pavasaris")

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