March 19 – April 2


2016 Israel 24 min N-13
Added to my films
It's a hot summer day and for the first time in years Anna, the sewing workshop worker, unexpectedly finds herself alone, without her son. She sets out for a free night, roaming the streets of her small desert town in search of a man who could touch her, if only just for a brief moment.

About Directors

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Director(s) - Or Sinai
Screenwriter(s) - Or Sinai
Actors - Evgenia Dodina
Producer(s) - Leah Tonic
Cinematographer - Saar Mizrahi
Editor(s) - Noy Barak
Composer(s) - Ran Bagno
Sales agent - Cinephil
Distributor -
Production company - The Sam Spiegel Film & TV School
Dialogues - Hebrew, Russian
Subtitles - English

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