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My Life as a Zucchini

Ma vie de courgette

2016 / Switzerland, France / 66 min / N-7
Total votes: 58, Average: 9.1
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My Life as a Zucchini on IMDb
Director(s) - Claude Barras
Screenwriter(s) - Céline Sciamma
Actors - Gaspard Schlatter, Michel Vuillermoz, Paulin Jaccoud, Sixtine Murat
Producer(s) - Max Karli, Pauline Gygax, Armelle Glorennec, Marc Bonny
Cinematographer - David Toutevoix
Editor(s) - Valentin Rotelli
Composer(s) - Sophie Hunger
Sales agent - Indie Sales
Distributor - MTÜ Must Käsi, Kino Pavasaris Distribution
Production company -
Dialogues - Dubbed in Lithuanian
Subtitles - English

When nine-year-old Icare accidentally causes the death of his alcoholic mother, he is accompanied to the Fontaines group home by kind policeman Raymond. He at first finds it difficult to fit in, and is desperately homesick: the only reminders of his former life are an empty beer can and his mother's nickname for him, "Courgette." He soon learns that the other children in the home have endured similarly traumatic circumstances. Alice's father is imprisoned for sexual abuse; new arrival Camille witnessed her parents' murder-suicide; and Simon, group leader and bully, lost both his parents to drug overdoses. With the help of the other kids at the centre – and the gentle-hearted Raymond – Courgette begins rebuilding his life, and gradually he comes to find comfort and acceptance in his new home.


"Banquise" (2005, short animation), "The Genius from Ravioli Box" (2006, short animation), "Santa's Beard" (2007, short animation), "Land of the Heads" (2009, short animation), "Chambre 69" (2011, short animation), "My Life as a Zucchini" (2016, animation, "Kino pavasaris").