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Innocence of Memories

Innocence of Memories

2015 / United Kingdom, Ireland, Turkey / 90 min / N-13
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Innocence of Memories on IMDb
Director(s) - Grant Gee
Screenwriter(s) - Orhan Pamuk, Grant Gee
Actors - Pandora Colin, Mehmet Ergen, Orhan Pamuk
Producer(s) - Janine Marmot, Keith Griffiths
Cinematographer - Grant Gee
Editor(s) - Jerry Chater
Composer(s) - Leyland Kirkby
Sales agent - The Match Factory
Distributor -
Production company - Hot Property Films Ltd
Dialogues - English, Turkish
Subtitles - Lithuanian
Writing, memory and architecture flow together in this sensual nocturnal wandering through the streets of Istanbul, which here becomes a vibrant archive of life lived. In "Innocence of Memories" the British filmmaker Grant Gee adds another layer to the great Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk's already multilayered book 
The Museum of Innocence". A museum in Istanbul that exhibits real things related to the fictional love story between Kemal and the beautiful but always absent Füsun in the book of the same name. In Gee's cinematic landscape, fact and fiction are woven together in a meditative narrative, whose actual protagonist is the historical and modern city by the Bosporus. The budding connections between novel and museum, memory and architecture, unfold through Pamuk's own voice, interviews, music, animations and archive footage. An atmospheric adaptation of Pamuk's special ability to let something as mundane as a heap of cigarette stubs accommodate something as ethereal as a long lost love.

About Directors

Grant Gee (b. in United Kingdom).


"Meeting People Is Easy" (1998, doc.), "Radiohead: 7 Television Commercials" (1998, doc.), "Joy Division" (2007, doc.), "Innocence of Memories" (2015, doc., "Kino pavasaris").