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2014 / Ireland, United Kingdom / 100 min / N-13
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Calvary on IMDb
Director(s) - John Michael McDonagh
Screenwriter(s) - John Michael McDonagh
Actors - Brendan Gleeson, Chris O'Dowd, Kelly Reilly, Aidan Gillen, Dylan Moran, Isaach De Bankolé, M. Emmet Walsh, Marie-Josée Croze, Domhnall Gleeson
Producer(s) - Chris Clark, Flora Fernandez-Marengo, James Flynn
Cinematographer - Larry Smith
Editor(s) - Chris Gill
Composer(s) - Patrick Cassidy
Sales agent - Protagonist Pictures
Distributor - CP Digital (Premium Film)
Production company -
Dialogues - English
Subtitles - Lithuanian

About Directors

John Michael McDonagh (Ireland)


"The Second Death" (2000, short), "The Guard" (2011, "Kino pavasaris"), "Calvary" (2014, "Kino pavasaris").